Comatricha nigra

In the image you can see three kinds of immature fruiting bodies of Comatricha nigra. The group grew upside down on a rotten log. This image was stacked using 85 single images.

Lepidoderma tigrinum

This beautiful group of fully developed Lepidoderma tigrinum was found between moss in a local forest early in the morning. As a result, one can see natural dew droplets that magnified the crystallized limestone on the surface. For this image a total number of 86 single images was used.

Physarum nutans

These not fully developed three kinds of fruiting bodies of Physarum nutans (P. album) were found on a rotten log. Multiple fruiting bodies in the background create an unique nimbus around the main subjects. A total number of 78 single images were used for the final picture.

Physarum sp.

 This small pair of Physarum sp. (most probably P. oblatum) was fround on a log near vienna during a tour of the Pilzfestspiele 2023. The intriguing yellow peridium of the species is already cracked open to release their brown spores.


Trichia decipiens var. decipiens

This astonishing group of immature fruiting bodies was found on a single strain of moss in a local forest during the summer. The stems are nut fully developed which gives them a translucent look. A total number of 137 single images were used.

Comatricha nigra

This group of almost fully developed fruiting bodies of C. nigra were found on a huge tree stump which was almost covered completely by these tiny organisms.

Stemonitopsis typhina

This assamble of undeveloped fruiting bodies was found on a log covered by a mushroom mycelium. This species developes a translucent cloak that coveres the black stems. A total number of 184 single images was used for the final image.

Metatrichia floriformis

This unique grown two-stemmed gathering of M. floriformis grew on a tiny limb. The group resembles a lot a human mountaineer. For the final image a total number of alost 200 single images were used.

Arcyria denudata

These red fluffy slime molds grew on a rotten log. In the background you can see a cluster of more slime molds of the same genus. A total number of 187 single images was used to create the final image.

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