About Me

Hello, I am Marius and a macrophotographer specialized in shooting slime molds. My journey started four years ago when I was mostly taking handheld focus-stacks of insects and spiders. Since three years I focussed exclusively on slime mold photography and gained a lot of experience in that field. I became fascinated by the intriguing patterns, colours and shapes of these tiny organisms which are most of the time completely overlooked (subjects size usually in the 1-2 mm range). However, if one spends a lot of time in the forest one can develop an eye for finding these species.

Almost all of my pictures are taken directly in the forest to avoid any disturbance in the development of immature fruiting bodies. In addition, I use organic material that is laying around the scenery for my backgrounds exclusively.

Due to the small size of slime molds one needs to take pictures at high magnifications. However, since camera lenses tend to loose dept-of-field with increased magnification, I use a technique called focus-stacking. I record multiple images of the same subject with a different sharp focus, which are then stitched back together to create one final sharp image.

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