I got invited to present my work during the ‘Pilzfestspiele 2023‘ taking place in Vienna (18.09-23.09.2023). The week started with a wonderful unofficial slime mold tour in a nearby forest. Already after a few minutes we were able to indentify multiple myxomycete species inside a small valley. After heading back home to the hotel, I visited the ‘Ausstellungsraum’ – a large hall where the macrophotography exhibition took place and was able to meet the organizers. Overall a myriad of people visited the exhibition and I was able to have many really nice conversations with interested people. The next day, I explored the town and visited the exhibition later that day. I got asked by the organizers to give a talk about slime molds in general and my macrophotography which took place in the showroom. I included several time lapse recordings of developing slime molds as well as plenty deep focus-stacks into my presentation. The audience was really fascinated and interested in my work. After the talk I had again very interesting conversations with people from the audience which led to a lot of networking. Unfortunately, the next day I had to travel back home to germany – however, since another slime mold photographer was also present during my talk, we decided to visit again the nearby forest and its valley full of myxo treasures. In total we found more than 15 single slime mold species. You can see one focus-stack of them (most probably P. oblatum) when visiting my landing page.

It is absolutely fascinating what the organizers prepared for this incredible week! Everything was well organized and structured and I hope that their journey will continue as successful as it started.

Many thanks to the organizers for inviting me to this incredible event!

If you’re interested check out their Start-Up MyPilz!


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